My Family

The Hubster

Honey D is my husband, main squeeze, hunk-a-burnin' love of 17 years. He's a born & raised Southern California boy. We met on December 5th 1999 & we married on the beach in Torrance, California on May 12th 2000. He isn’t the kinda man, that I would have ever seen myself with. But God knew better (hallelujah!!!). He’s the most perfect man for me. I can’t imagine my life or what kind of person I would be with out him. He tells me everyday, that I’m beautiful. He doesn’t realize how much that means to me. He is a complete goofball & "Captain Obvious", but that makes me laugh so much. There is nothing quite like a "D story." He loves Superman, just as much as I love Lucille Ball. He loves, loves, loves food. Marrying a Southern woman, who can cook was God's gift to him. He never knew true pleasure until he ate a bite of my Mom's mac & cheese. She now makes roasting pans full just for him. He is a professional sound man & has a passion for his work.

The Furbabies

Razzy is a 12 year old Mini Dachshund. He's curious & stubborn. He's the first doggy D has ever had, besides Molly. When we got Razzy at 8 weeks old, he & D bonded very quickly. They are 2 peas in a pod. If D were reincarnated as a dog....He would be Razzy. The resemblance in their personalities is uncanny. He is a helper. If you are doing something, he's right there. He loves to go outside, as long as it's not cold, raining or wet. If you go outside, he's right with you. He becomes obsessed with lizards, squirrels & bumble bees. He's a funny little character. He has his own chair in the living room & that is where you can find him looking out the window.

Rocco, the 12 yr old Long Haired Chihuahua...He rules the roost. He & Razzy are 5 months apart, but they think they are twins & have major sibling rivalry issues. Rocco is "My" baby Dibble....He is all about me. ALL the time. Where I go...Rocco goes. He has to know where I am at times & pines for me when I am gone. He's possessive & opinionated. Hhhmm....That sounds familiar. He can also talk. He says the word "No". Which he uses often when he doesn't want to do something. He stays in my bed the majority of the time, laying on his pink heart shaped Princess pillow. He's a diva.

Polka Dottie "Dottie" is our newest addiction. This little Chiweenie  is 4. We didn't think we wanted a new puppy after Molly passed away, but one day my Mom called & said her friend's dog just had 3 puppies & the runt was mine. I'm a softy for the runts of the litter. I have said "if" we ever got a new pup, it would be a girl & she would be named "Polka Dottie", so she was named before I saw her. We got her the week she turned 6 weeks & she has been glued to my hip ever since. She is a super sweet, loving, really funny & very feisty little girl. And extra smart! We call her "Busy Dottie", you know like "Busybody." Because she is in the middle of EVERYTHING & in everyone's business! She has been the easiest puppy I have ever had. 

Molly is our 15 yr old Spitz/Black Lab mix. I have had her since she was 6 weeks old. She was part of my payment for house sitting for some friends. She has always been the Princess. She's a sweet girl, who thinks everyone comes to visit her. She loves cookies, chicken & chocolate (yes, chocolate...the vet said it was OK & she's made it to age 15!), her Nana & her Dad. Me? Not so much. She has grown quite ornery in her old age & tries to do as she pleases, much to my frustration. Haha!

Molly went to Heaven on September 26, 2012 one day shy of her 16th birthday.
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