Sunday, February 24, 2019

My sweetest bitty buddy, Razzy. This past year watching him age has not been easy. He used to always be a lap puppy. But he's gotten to where he doesn't want to be messed with. When he's not asleep in his house, or standing in the kitchen with you waiting for food. He's typically just roaming around aimlessly. I hate it. It breaks my heart. So to have this bitty buddy snuggled in my lap right now makes me so very happy. Having a pet is a lifetime commitment. One that fills your heart forever. 

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  1. This boy has been one that I have always loved to read you post about. He has always reminded me of our Ruby. We lost our female version of Razzy a year and a half ago to doggie dementia and it was so difficult. She no longer knew us and was afraid of the world around her. She quit eating most of the time and when she did, she didn't gain any weight. Her stocky 40lb body was 11lbs when we decided it was not longer fair for us to allow her to continue as she was and the doctor said it was only going to get worse. We absolutely loved her so much. I pray Razzie continues to age gracefully with his full mind and that God will give you peace when it is time. A pet is definitely a lifetime commitment!

    1. He is for sure senile. And going blind/deaf. I just hate watching him age. It seems this last year he has declined greatly. Thank you for leaving a comment. And I hate that about your baby, Ruby.


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