Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Ours for a Season ~ Book Review

Kim Vogel Sawyer takes use to another place once again with her beautiful way with words, "Ours for a Season." This time it is to an Old Order Mennonite sect, in Indiana. And the characters are Anthony & Marty Hirschler. They have never been able to have have children. Because of this it has caused a wedge between them. In their community baring children is a huge part of who everyone is. They begin to feel that that have no purpose. The along comes Marty old friend, Brooke Spalding. She has a proposal for the couple. To move to Kansas & help revitalize a ghost into a resort.

The Hirschler's take Brooke up on the offer & life in Kansas brings heartbreak, struggle, healing & hope for all of them.

Kim Vogel Sawyer loves the people that she creates on the pages...There is no doubt about that. Each one is uniquely crafted & they draw you in.

I recvied a copy from @WaterBrookMultnomah #Partner  #PRHpartner

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