Monday, April 23, 2018

Poison Ivy

Holy Moly! I have never had Poison Ivy in my life. I have always done yard work without any care of it. But almost 2 weeks ago, I did some weed eating in the yard. And I got hit by some poison ivy. I remember when it hit my right arm & thinking "Oh crap! That was poison ivy." A few days later a tiny spot showed up on my arm. A few days later after that...My right arm was covered in an awful rash. All of this time I was applying calamine, but it wasn't helping. My skin is so crazy sensitive. I decided that I needed to go to the doctor before it got any worse. On Thursday, I went & I had yellow blisters on my arm. They gave me a steroid shot & steroids to take. I'm having to keep a ointment on the rash, which has now spread to my chest & one small spot on my left arm. To say I have been pretty miserable is an understatement. The itching. Oh, the itching. I'm also taking benadryl like a mad woman. Hahahaha! It's slowly clearing up. Praise the Lord! But I tell ya, I will never do yard work the same way again. I'm actually terrified to do it now.

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