Monday, April 23, 2018

Love Pillow with a Message

Is this pillow not adorable? The bitty model is too! šŸ˜‰šŸ˜‰ I wanted to do a video review, but since I’m covered in poison ivy, this will have to do! I received this pillow from Dayspring. It’s actually for kids, but you know...I love kids stuff! Plus this pillow is too cute with a fabulous message. It can be for anyone.
So let me give ya the run down. These are Christian “pillows on the go.” They are soooo soft, come with a big pocket on the back for storing your tablet & a snack. Dottie is carrying her cookie in hers. Plus it has an adjustable strap that attaches to these hidden hooks. The strap comes with a pocket for your cell phone. We are getting into the vacation time of the year & these are perfect for taking along with you. Even when I go out of town I try to bring a small piece of comfort from home. This is just the thing!
These pillows are not just a pillow though. They come with a message. As well as they give back! The company donates 10% of the profit to fight against physical, emotional & cyber bully attacks. Right now they are supporting Camp Southern Ground, in Fayetteville, Georgia. It’s a camp that provides a safe environment for typically developing children, children with Autism’s, learning & attention issues such as ADHD & Dyslexia. Also those with social or emotional challenges. This camp also supports children from military families. Wow! Mind blown, right? So when you purchase one of these pillows (there are 4 styles) you are doing a world of good not just for the child (or adult) that you purchase it for, but your love extends to so many others in need. Win! Win! Here is the link to purchase
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