Thursday, March 15, 2018


My heart is really burdened today. So many tragedies going on around the world & locally. There is no way to escape the hurt of it all. D is currently at the funeral of a past coworker. When the young man passed away, D’s number was the only one in his phone from that place of employment. Within hours of the young man’s death, his father called D. He told D just how much his son thought of him. That he admired & adored D. Once D arrived at the funeral his dad immediately asked if D would be a pallbearer, because that is exactly what his son would want. D called me humbled & honored by all of this. He had no idea, how this guy felt. He had no idea that he was held is such high regards.
I’m writing this because we never know when it will be our last second on earth. We need to be sure that the impacts that we are making on the lives around us are good lasting ones. To our families, friends, coworkers, church members, the person we ride the bus with, the cashier at the grocery store, the server at the restaurant...The thousands who may see our interactions on social media. Everything we do is a reflection of our character & we have no clue just how a simple gesture can be the breaking point for another. It can turn their life around, or be the thing that pushes them over the edge.
I wanted to take the time to publicly apologize to anyone that I may have impacted negatively in my life. It hurts my heart greatly. I know how others have scarred me & I wouldn’t want for anyone to carry around that baggage. So today here is my sincere apology. I’m not always right. I’m not always sweet. I’m not always in a jolly mood. I’m not always at my best. I’m the furthest thing from perfect. I hope that I reflect the love of Jesus. That’s my heart’s greatest desire. Truly. Madly. Deeply. If this is my last second on earth or yours, I can only hope that I am forgiven by you. Because He has already forgiven me.
Massive love to each of you reading this.

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