Tuesday, March 06, 2018

The Masterpiece ~ Book Review

Francine Rivers is by far my favorite author. So when I know that she has a new book coming out, I must get it as soon as possible. I am rarely drawn to any book that is set in the current period in time. But with Francine Rivers at the helm, I'm willing to read it. I was intrigued though, because one of the main characters, Roman is an artist. I am also & knew that I would be able to relate to him on that level. I have a good friend that is a graffiti artist & that interested me as well.

Roman & Grace both came from tragic childhoods, which shaped who they are as adults. I think that was one thing that I found so interesting. How each person allows circumstances in life to direct their path. Some allow the shame to take them places. While others, anger makes them the person they are.

This is a love story. Not just a love story between of a man & woman. But a love story of how the Lord can take anyone. No matter the damage. The brokenness. And restore them to something greater than their minds could ever comprehend.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book! And the artwork on the cover is phenomenal!

I received this book from Tyndale for my honest review.

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