Friday, March 09, 2018

Rocco-My Heart

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See this little sweet face? It’s Rocco, my 13 yr old baby love. He’s my heart. He is toothless, has cataracts, hard of hearing, has lost most of his hair, forgets to potty outside, so pee pads litter our floor. On top of all that he’s a crazy bullheaded diva chihuahua.
I’m posting this because when you see that precious puppy & bring it home, it’s a lifetime commitment. Those puppies will eventually be senior dogs...or even geriatric. Their behavior will change, but your love for them should not. They need you now more than ever. They need extra patience. You are their family. Don’t throw them away. Don’t push them aside for something new. Love them more than you did the day their little puppy face captured your heart. They give such unconditional love & deserve it in return.
(P.S. I don’t post Rocco’s picture much since he told me he doesn’t like his photo taken anymore.)
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