Thursday, February 15, 2018

Frustrations into Blessings

Yesterday I was saying to D how bad our house looks. It needs a deep cleaning. To which he replied “No, it doesn’t. It looks beautiful.” 😊 Those simple words from him made me soooo grateful. Wanna know why? Well, because of the different physical issues that I have (don’t really talk about them) is when I push myself one day, the next day I have to rest my body. So my house does suffer. Also when I get into an art zone, I must stay there. This little exchange between us, made me think of how D’s lack of detail drives me absolutely batty! But yet....what a true blessing it can be. He’s not one of those husbands that demands perfection. He’s laid back & nothing phases a fault. Ha! The Lord showed me that what I usually see as a frustration, is indeed a blessing. And a quality that He knew that I would need in a husband. Love that He knows the bigger picture. 💖
So my question to you today is...What frustration in your life can you look at differently & see as a blessing?

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