Monday, January 01, 2018

Word of the Year

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For the last few years the Lord has given me a word that D & I were to focus on for the year. It’s been fascinating to watch as the word He gives is represented over & over throughout the year. This year the Lord gave D & I separate words. Which I absolutely love & know that it’s just a sign of our growth. Jesus is so cool!
When 2017 was ending I began praying over what the new word would be. The word “Flourish” kept being repeated in my spirit. But something wasn’t quite right. I felt something was missing. I continued to seek the Lord in this & then another word “Surrender” came. I was like...Surrender?!? I already do that! Whatcha talkin’ bout Willis? He said “Surrender and Flourish. I want you to surrender so that you can flourish into what I want for you.” Well...alrighty then.
It’s not about just surrendering my heart to Him. It’s about surrendering everything. It’s so easy to pray a rote prayer or play lip service about surrendering everything. But I am really? He wants me to surrender my will. My control. My wanting to fix things. My stubbornness. He wants to have every single teeny tiny piece of me, so that He can truly grow me. The word “Flourish” means “grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way, especially as the result of a particularly favorable environment.” What a word, huh? And that meaning? How can anyone possibly flourish the way the Lord wants us to if we aren’t surrendered completely for Him to place us in a favorable environment. This means I have to be OK with letting go of many surrendered to pruning. It may be painful at times. But there is nothing that I desire more in life than to be chasing after Him. So during 2018, I will surrender my will. My everything. And even though I can’t wait to flourish in whatever way He has for me....The surrendering to Him is the most vital part. It’s not about me at all. I only want to flourish in Him.

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