Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Defiant Joy

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Over a year ago the Lord gave me these words. I typed them into the notes on my phone so that I wouldn’t forget them. I would go back & read them from time to time, not sure what I was supposed to do with them. Then last night I decided to use them as practice with my Apple Pencil. The more that I wrote these words the more clear they became. DEFIANT JOY. DEFIANT JOY. 
Defiant means full of or showing a disposition to challenge, resist, or fight, boldly resistant.
Here are synonyms...aggressive, audacious, bold, challenging, daring, gutsy. I like that word gutsy!
The reason the time is right to share these words that the Lord gave me is because it is time to rise up & boldly live life full of joy, in the face of all the junk that this world can throw our way. When we are dealing with trails....Pain....frustration...come at it with DEFIANT JOY! Claim your joy, no matter how you may feel. I’m not saying to deny your emotions & be fake. Not at all. But when you choose joy in your heart, things change. The situation may not change but YOU DO. You are defiant to the situation & embracing joy. The scripture “The joy of the Lord is my strength” is exactly that. His joy is your defiance to the world. So get gutsy & be defiantly joyful!

(The Lord gave me these words long before Candace Payne’s book of the same name was released. But I just feel it’s confirmation!) #joy#defiantjoy #joyofthelord #getgutsy

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