Thursday, January 18, 2018

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After finishing the book of Job the other day in the @belovedsociety 2018 reading plan from @illustratedfaith this scripture has not left me...

He named the first daughter Dove, the second, Cinnamon, and the third, Darkeyes. There was not a woman in that country as beautiful as Job’s daughters. Their father treated them as equals with their brothers, providing the same inheritance. Job 42:14-15 MSG

I found this so interesting! For a daughter to be treated as an equal as a son was absolutely unheard of during this period in time. After Job’s life was not only restored but overwhelmingly so, it seems the Lord also opened his eyes to other things too. That’s how I see it anyway. Because if that part of Job’s story wasn’t important, it wouldn’t have made the final edit of the Word. So you go on with your bad self, Job! You bucked the system under the favor of the Lord! What an incredible father you were to Dove, Cinnamon & Darkeyes. 

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