Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Missing Paw....

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A year ago yesterday my Paw slipped from this earth. I didn't post anything, because I spent a lot of time just thinking about him. My goodness he was an old stubborn cuss. But he was also the only grandfather I ever knew. He played the role of a father when my biological dad was not a father. He protected & gave me a home. He loved me. And I loved him. Even when I wanted to pinch his head off!😂🙄😂 I'm gonna be honest here...I've had a hard time mourning his death. And I don't know why. I miss him. I miss chatting on the phone. I miss bags of Krystal burgers. Going swimming with him in his cut off blue jeans. I miss riding on the handle bars of his bicycle. I miss wearing camo & being one of his little marines. I miss fussin' over the mashed taters. I miss him. I do. Love you Paw. You are not forgotten here...You made my childhood one full of adventure.

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