Tuesday, June 13, 2017

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Day 11 "Hold the Rope" of "Rise Up" from @illustratedfaith

Mark 2:1-5

The story of the paralytic...Ya know the one where his friends wanted so desperately for him to see Jesus face to face that they made a hole in the roof to lower him through? As many times as I was taught that story growing up in church or read for myself as an adult, I don't think that I have even given those friends too much thought. But those are some super loving, caring friends. They ripped a hole in a roof & then lowered him down. That's not just a chum. That's an armor bearer. Or rope bearer in this case. 😉
I know that I want to be that kind of friend. And I know I do have those kind of friends in my life if I ever needed them to be. I just have issues allowing them in. Yep. There I said it. I didn't use to be that way. But after some major heartbreak in the friend department I developed some massive walls. I'm absolutely OK, being someone else's rope bearer. I just pray that I can learn to trust enough to allow others to truly be mine too. Shoo...That was hard to admit publicly.

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