Monday, June 12, 2017

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Day 10 "Quietly Hope" of "Rise Up" from @illustratedfaith

Lamentations 3:21-33

It's been such a "God thing" how the devotionals have been lining up with some of the sermons at church. God's cool like that. 😎 For this one I had read the devotional a couple of days ago. I like to do that sometimes to sorta think things over a bit. Then last night at church we had our monthly night of just all prayer & worship. It's called SOAK. We had communion also. And we did it a bit differently this time. We got our elements, then as we worshipped & prayed. We each on our own...waited. We prayed for the thing or things we are waiting on. Then once we felt ready, we took the elements when we felt led from the Lord. I loved this. So personal. So intimate. Yet united.
Waiting. Hhhhmmmmm....Not such an easy thing to do as a flawed human being. But to quietly wait? Wowza. That part seems impossible. Think of how often we fuss while waiting on the simplest of "life" things, like waiting in line, waiting on a train (if you live in my city you totally get that one!), waiting on someone to respond to a text, waiting on a family member that is always late.....Waiting. Then there are the BIG God can only do things that we are waiting on...Hoping for. If you know my story, you know that I have been waiting...hoping for a long time for something to happen. A miracle to take place. And I have learned while I quietly hope, that there is extreme goodness in waiting. In the quiet there are treasures that can only be found there. They spring up through the cracks of the desert floor. 

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