Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Woman's Study Bible ~ Book Review

I can not even begin to explain just how lovely "The Woman's Study Bible" is! The cover it hardback, fabric covered. The fabric is a beautiful floral in shades of pink. I think the biggest surprise to me is the edges are metallic rose gold! It's stunning! Such an extra bonus to this delightful Bible. It's also large, red lettered print. And the pages are full color. The floral design of the fabric flows throughout the entire Bible. Making it so appealing to the eyes. It just calls for you to delve in & read! I especially love the biographies of over 100 Biblical women.As well as the full color maps, charts, timelines & family trees. This study Bible is overflowing with so much information. It's perfect for the new convert or anyone wanting to truly study the word of God. There is insight from women in various fields of Biblical studies, philosophy, archeology & theology. I own several Bibles, but none are quite like this one. "The Woman's Study Bible" is such a wonderful Bible! Each page just has more wisdom to glean from, like historical facts about the way of life...Or even cosmetics during that period of time. Stuff that I personally find so fascinating. "The Woman's Study Bible" is absolutely one that I will treasure as part of my daily reading.

I received this Bible from Book Look Bloggers for my honest review.

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