Sunday, April 09, 2017

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Gonna tell ya a little testimony. Scott & I worked on how to decorate the church for Easter. We had 6 columns that we wanted to cover. So we bought 6 twin sheets. I brought them home to paint them (you can refer to a post earlier about the inside of my dryer. 🙄) I did the first 5 & they turned out lovely! But the 6th one I did something different in the drying process & it turned all one ugly shade of green. I pray over every project that I tackle & this one was no different. I was concerned we wouldn't have enough fabric. So last night after I got to church, Scott & I are getting things together, then realize that we need fabric to cover the plastic containers the palms are in. What were we gonna do?!? We begin covering the columns & discover we had more than enough of the sheets to cover them, plus the 8 palm containers (2 were for the stage). As I'm wrapping one of the palms Scott walks over with a strip from the ugly green sheet & turns it into a sash for the palm! We both stood back in awe! I got teary eyed & said "what a testimony this is of how He not only provides, but takes something ugly & makes it beautifully useful!" To which Scott agreed & said that we needed to post about this! So when you are at Kingwood & look at the Easter decor, see the testimony of His faithfulness. He's so good, huh?

(Bottom right corner was the inspiration.)

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