Saturday, March 11, 2017

Woooo...gotta share something with ya. When things don't go as planned, just keep on trucking...Something better is coming. This morning I went to paint for Danny & it started raining as soon as I got set up. Change in plans. I decided to go on & go kitty sit for some friends. On my way there I felt the Holy Spirit nudge me to stop by The Secret Garden, to see if they had rocks for me to paint. It's time to supply that women's ministry with "Names of God" rocks again. I have never been to the place before, but every time I pass by I always felt an urge to go there. Hector the owner came out & asked what I was looking for, I explained to him that I'm an artist & I paint these rocks for women's ministry. He took me straight to the perfect rocks (which I might add are hard to find!). He said that I could have them for free! I said "I'm gonna cry!" He asked me why. I told him because he was blessing me & that is blessing these women. We then talked a few minutes more, he goes to the Church of the Highlands & he wants me to start painting things to sell there. Yay!!!!
So y'all....the moral of this story is when things don't work out...Something better is on the horizon. And when the Holy Spirit nudges you...Listen & follow His leading. You never know the goodness waiting on you. And one more thing!!! Go see Hector at "The Secret Garden" on Hwy 11. He has the most gorgeous plants! Some things that I have never even seen before!

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