Monday, March 06, 2017

25 years. 25 years of missing you. How has 25 whole years gone by since you slipped from this earth & left us all? The memories of you are so fresh. Like you were just here. But gracious so much life has happened without you here. Not a day goes by that you are not present in my thoughts. I've said this before & I will say it again...time doesn't help heal. It just makes the love stronger. I'm sobbing as I type this with my heart longing to talk to you, to hear you laugh, you fuss about something, just to sit with you in a room doing nothing but watching TV. I was 15 when you left. Not old enough to know to ask you so many questions. Holy moly, we miss you down here more than you could ever grasp. I can promise you that! Granny....have a beautiful day in Heaven. We are loving you more. 

(I can just imagine what she is saying to me in the photo. I'm about 6-7 months old & it's my Aunt Renee's wedding)

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