Tuesday, January 17, 2017

"The Sisters of Sugarcreek" ~ Book Review

"The Sisters of Sugarcreek" by Cathy Liggett is such a sweet book about how situations in life can bring together unlikely people, who bond & develop friendships.
When a fire destroys the local church, Lydia, a young Amish woman is left a widow, Jessica lost her Aunt Rose but inherited her shop "Knit on Quilt Two." And Liz has lost a dear friend, who was her partner in a secret club that helped in delivering gifts to those in need.

Jessica is clueless on how to run this shop, that she so desperately wants to see remain open. These 3 women unite under unusual circumstances. This book is a beautiful story of hope, encouragement & friendship. I enjoyed it!

I received this copy from Tyndale for my honest review.

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