Friday, November 25, 2016

So we all know how "mean" that I am to D & I scare him all of the time. Tonight, I was at a friend's house that I am "kitty sitting" for. D was with me. I left him in the house to love on the cats while I went outside in the dark to feed the outdoor cat & throw something away. It's super dark out there. And yes, I'm a night time diva, so the dark doesn't scare me. As I was about to go to the garbage can I reach for my phone to turn on the flash light, just as the motion detector lights came on....As well as a loud male voice. I froze. My heart went to my throat. Then I took off towards the door as I realized the voice was Taylor Hicks coming from my phone! I yelled "Oh my gosh!" And started cracking up! I had been watching a video of him earlier talking about his new TV show & never closed it out. D moseyed out the door to check on me. I'm glad there really wasn't a man out there! I could have been kidnapped. 😂 I asked why it took him so long to come outside. "I was in the floor playing with the cats", he said. I see where I stand. 😂😂😂

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