Wednesday, November 16, 2016

See these ladies right here (a couple are missing)? They are my first "Worship in Color" Life Group. They will never know how seeing them embrace this colorful way to worship has meant to my heart! Watching them "get it" & then run with it??? Tears are welling up in my eyes right now! Their excitement over a fabric tab (Paige), experimenting with watercolors, and washi tape placement! Then hearing them tell the ways the Lord has been speaking to them through art! Also the begging me to continue the class! Aaaahhh!!!! My heart is bursting with joy over this little group of beautifully unique women! I love you chickadees oodles & oodles! Gonna miss you over the holidays!
I'm so grateful for pastors who are so encouraging of this class. Thank you for trusting me.
If you notice they have their "graduation tassels" hanging from their Bibles! 😂💗

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