Monday, March 07, 2016

Room For Hope ~ Book Review

Room for Hope

When I read the description for "Room for Hope" I knew that I must read it! Books that are set during The Great Depression have always fascinated me & this one has a scandalous twist! The story takes place in Buffalo Creek, Kansas in the year of 1936. It follows the life of Neva Shilling who is married to Warren, the owner of the Shilling Mercantile. During this time in history, life was such a horrendous struggle for many, but things seem to be going so well for Neva, her beloved husband & their children Bud & Belle.
But Neva's idyllic life is rocked one evening when a wagon pulls up carrying 3 little children & the last wishes of her now dead husband to care for them. She not only discovers her husband is gone, but that he was living a double life in another city & these 3 children are his, with his second wife, who also passed away. Can you imagine the emotions that must have hit her with all of these revelations? Now she must figure out not only how to run the store, but should she keep these 3 little ones in her care? Also while dealing with grief & the confusion of her older children. Life changed forever when that wagon rolled up. It's a story of forgiveness. Looking for hope in the hidden places & opening your heart when & where you least expect it. Loved this book! Kim Vogel Sawyer did not disappoint with this one!

I received this complimentary book from Blogging for Book for a honest review.

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