Wednesday, March 02, 2016

30th Wedding Anniversary Vow Renewal

Yesterday was Mom & Danny's 30th wedding anniversary & Danny had a big surprise planned for Mom. On his own he decided that he wanted to renew their wedding vows & to recreate their ceremony. So little by little throughout the last couple of weeks things came together. He snuck Mom's original bouquet & his boutonniere over to me to fluff & Fee-breeze as he calls it. Haha! Also he brought me their wedding rings which they don't wear for me to shine up. Their vows & photos for me to make larger copies of & frame. I made sure that my Aunt Diane & Renee would be able to be there. And that Keith, Lindy & Mercy could facetime from South Dakota. Danny did the planning & I was his sidekick. We all, Pastor Cox (the preacher who married them 30 years ago), his wife Susanne, my Aunts & a few friends that work at the church. It was small & sweet & joyful!
I took over 100 photos, but those are all on FB, if you have that. These are the recreated photos. 30 years later. :)

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