Monday, February 29, 2016

This is inspired by the last sermon on the "Holy Spirit" at church. This week was "Oil" & how the Holy Spirit is represented by oil throughout scripture. When something is anointed with oils, it is set apart. Oils absorbs, it becomes part of you. Zechariah 4 talks about the vision the of a golden lampstand. I thought about illustrating the olive trees & lamp, but it was also Missions Sunday. So I decided to use the world logo our church was using for the day. Missions is a huge part of our church & as I sat there listening to the words spoken by the missionaries on the videos. Some of these missionaries I know personally...I was in tears. These precious people who are called to go to the ends of the earth to not just preach the gospel but to love like Jesus. Oh, my heart! But we are all called to do the same thing. Your home may be your mission field. We are anointed to serve throughout the earth & right where you are! We are sons & daughters of fresh oil. We are anointed for a purpose! To go into the world & make an impact!

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