Monday, December 14, 2015

My 39th Birthday!

Today was a busy day. Too busy for celebrating my bday with church. Then we came home & took our Christmas photo. D took a nap while I edited those. And then we had to be back at church super early since I'm married to the sound man, It's been a good day though! I don't feel older, which on some birthdays I tend to do. This is my last year my 30's but I'm not fretting over it, like I thought I would when the day came. It is, what it is. And nothing I do is going to change that number, Plus, that is exactly what it is...A number I don't feel 39. I'm just gonna live it up!

D & I are going to go out & celebrate tomorrow. Do a little shopping for me a present. No eating out, since I don't do that anymore. Which means that food money can be spent on me! Heck to the yeah!

Birthday selfie with Mom!

Birthday selfie with my hubster the Super Soundman at Scrooge.

Birthday selfie with Madea & a wigless Scrooge.

Birthday selfie with my sweet friend, Oscar.

Birthday selfie with Oscar & my new friend Brian.

That's a wrap on Scrooge 2015!

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