Tuesday, November 10, 2015

I'm thankful for washi/decorative tape. Or "shashi" tape as D calls it! I don't know why but these little rolls just make me so flippin' giddy! Thanks Mom for creating a Washi monster! For those that know my nail polish obsession....Uummmm....This is worse, if you can imagine! #washitape #washi #decorativetape #obsessedwithwashitape #ilovewashitape

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  1. So I was watching this DIY thing for a chalkboard paint lampshade. They get it painted all nice and then they put colored DUCT TAPE as the edging!!1 And I am yelling at the tv ' You use WASHI TAPE!!! What is wrong with you???!!!! Washi tape is SO much better" And then I sit back and think "I bet Crystal would say the same thing! IS she hidign in this room? "


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