Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Happy Veteran's Day!

I could have chosen a photo of my Paw who served as a Marine in his uniform to post today, but there has always been something that tugged at my heart about this photo. It's a candid shot of my Paw (He's the one in the corner with his name "Bruce" & arrow pointing to him) & some of his buddies. I sadly don't know any of their names. But this pic captures a bunch of kids, because that is exactly what they were, going off to defend our country. Some scared to death, other's looking forward to a great adventure.Throughout the generations of our country many people young & old have given their time to serve, some losing their life to do so. They did this so that I could be free to be me! When I think back over history there are many heros, she-roes, animal-roes (think of the horses & dogs that have played a great role in our military) & of course the families who sacrificed their loved ones. They all deserve to be honored today!

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