Sunday, October 11, 2015

I keep seeing people post things that start off with "This is silly, but please pray for..." Let me tell you right now, the Lord cares about what you care about. And He delights in the details of our lives. For instance...We just made a run to Home Depot with a list of things that I needed to paint the floor in my art studio. Two things on the list were a quart of black paint & a sample jar of lime green paint. As they were mixing the shade of gray I chose for the floor, I went to the Oops paint & what before my eyes did appear? But a sample jar of Oops lime green paint for 50 cents! Then there was an extremely dark brown, almost black gallon of Oops paint, that the kind fella made black for me for $9! See? I know that some in this world will think what I am saying is "silly", but I know to whom my heart belongs to & He delights in the details of my life. Even that 50 cent jar of lime green Oops paint.

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