Wednesday, October 14, 2015

I have had this little saying written down for a long time. Last night I couldn't stop thinking about it & found this scripture. "Render true judgments, show kindness and mercy to one another..." Zechariah 7:9. I got tickled when I noticed that washi tape that I had used to highlight Zechariah was decorated with confetti! Haha! There goes the Lord & His sense of humor again. :)
This world is full of all types of just plain old meanness. We see it constantly....Experience it ourselves. But are we being kind in return? Think about that? Throw kindness around like confetti....In our daily life, how we are being kind? Be kind throughout our life....while driving in traffic, in the long line at the grocery store, on social media (being a keyboard criticizer is often too easy) & at home. I think sometimes that's the place where we leave kindness at the door & are the least kind to the ones we live with & love the most. So grab a hold of some of that kindness confetti, let it sprinkle our hearts, so that it can pop open & scatter the world around us! Let the confetti get everywhere! It makes life so much more fun being kind, than a curmudgeon.
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