Monday, October 12, 2015

Bathsheba-Reluctant Beauty ~ Book Review

I don't usually enjoy reading novels based in the Biblical time period, but when I saw the cover of "Bathsheba-Reluctant Beauty", I was captivated. I had to know more about this woman. I know of her story from the Bible, but I have never given Bathsheba too much thought. Just that David desired her, after seeing her bathing. And that of course she was the mother of King Solomon. I know that I certainly have misjudged Bathsheba. Angela Hunt takes us into Bathsheba's life in such a detailed, yet simple to read way. I was intrigued from the first page. The intricacies of David's royal court, sort of reminded me of King Henry VIII of England. I never knew things were so complex. The thirst for power amongst the sons, The blood shed. The harem of wives & concubines, that Bathsheba found herself in. She was a fighter. She fought for the promises made by Adonai & did everything in her power to see that they were fulfilled. It was so incredible to see her life unfold on these pages!

I received this copy from Bethany House, for an honest review.

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