Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Where Treasure Hides~Book Review

I thoroughly enjoy reading books set in this time period. But usually they are set on the homefront & not involved in the actual action of hiding Jews from the Nazi's. So, this perspective was intriguing. Alison Schuyler is an artist who has been working in her families art gallery. She has traveled from the Netherlands to America & back again just as things are really heating up in Europe. A chance meeting with Ian Devlin, a British Army Captain, sets their lives & heart on a course they were not expecting. While Ian is fighting the war, Alison is working with the Dutch Underground to save Jewish children. As well as recover & save beloved art, that would forever be lost in the wake of the war. Times are perilous...Ian & Alison don't know what the future holds for them as they struggle to live. Will they end up together? Or will their love be lost forever?
I really enjoyed this book. I liked seeing a new angle to this time period.

I received this complimentary copy for a review for Tyndale Publishers.

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