Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Thoughts of the Day

Everything is a learning lesson, And this health battle has & is one for me. Even this surgery & the recovery is one. Right now I'm learning that just as everyone is unique in how they handle things, react to life, they are also unique in how they recover. I think for me, I heard way too many people say they felt amazing right after surgery or they ate this or that. Not for me. I'm still not eating. I'm living off of jello (just to take meds) & icicles. It's going to take some time to figure out what works for my system. I'm down 62 pounds, as of today. I want to continue this weight loss, but I have got to learn what's best for my body. I'm only a week out from surgery & the Doctor told me to do nothing for a month. I only have 1 of the 4 incisions that really hurts now, so that's good. But D & Mom both keep reminding me that I did have major surgery & just resting is what's best for me. So, TV, Big Brother Live feeds, books & magazine are keeping me company. I'm so ready to be creative again, I haven't painted since March! This has seemed to zap all creativity from me. And I ache to have a paint brush in my hand again. Soon....

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