Monday, August 24, 2015

Irish Meadows ~Book Review

Susan Anne Mason's debut "Irish Meadows, book #1 of the Courage to Dream Series" for Bethany House was such a delightful read. Set in the early 1900's of Long Island, New York, James O'Leary is an Irish immigrant who only wants what is best for the horse farm "Irish Meadows" that he has built. Even if that means making sure his two daughters Brianna and Colleen, marry the right men to continue "his" dream. He doesn't take into consideration that these two vibrant young woman may have dreams of their own. Brianna longs to attend college, while Colleen wants to be married, as long as it's exactly who she picks, not her father's choice.

Just like life, it's full of twists & turns...2 stories of forbidden love, daughters wanting to do their father's bidding, but yet wanting to live their own lives.

I'm not one who usually enjoys books written from more than 1-2 view points. And this one had 4. It didn't bother me, since I was so wrapped up in the roller coaster story. I'm looking forward to the 2 book in the series!

I received this copy for free from Bethany House to review.

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