Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Unexpected Snow Event of 2014!

If you know anything about snow in Alabama, you know that it doesn't happen often & when it does our world shuts down. This time, they said that Central Alabama would only get a "Dusting"  with no travel issues & that South Alabama would get the snow. Wrong. Even our faith & beloved weatherman James Spann said they got it wrong this time & to blame him. Sweet James! We have had a unseasanalby cold winter so the ground is extra cold & the snow is sticking. Not melting fast like normal. This was not a "Happy Snow" but a "Hellacious Snow." D was at work & tried to come home, but realized very quickly that he wasn't going to make it. So he abandoned the car down the hill from work & walked back. He is spending the night there. So thankful he is in a nice dry, warm place. I have never seen anything like this in my life. Because our area of the state was not prepared (shutting down, closing schools), the roads turned into icy gridlock. People were abandoning cars & walking home or to some place warm. Children are spending the night at school tonight, because the schools closed & the buses didn't run. Parents tried with all of their might to get to them, but some just never could make it because of the hours upon hours of being stuck on the roads. Here is a news story about this craziness from today.

I have not been feeling good the last few days, so playing in the nice soft snow was not on my list of things I should do today. But since it was Dottie's first snow did got out for a little bit.

Dottie's ears are checking the temperature.

The driveway is gone.

And this is how Razzy spent the rest of the day. Smart boy!

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  1. Good thing I only sent you a little bit of my Chicago snow! Actually it is all what you get used to. Here it takes 12+" to slow us down - but we are used to 6-8" at a time. AND the city has the equipment to handle the snow. When it is not something that is the norm, there would be no reason to keep lots of expensive equipment around. Put me in 90 degree heat and I am miserable! To some people that is just normal.

    Once I was at trial in Springfield which is 6 hours south of Chicago, and the capital of the state. It started to snow. When it got to 6" the whole city shut down! The court closed. My attoirneys wanted to stop at a mall or store to get snow gear but they were all closed at 11 am. We got back to the hotel and could barely get in the parking lot because people were stuck trying to get in/out. We were shocked. In Chicago it would have been nothing. We expected the same in Springfield since they SHOULD also be used to sbow. Apparently not. We were stuck in the hotel for 2 days. We did walk to the court the next day (I got to lug the luggage cart with the boxes through the snow!) but it was closed.

    So - it is really just what you are used to dealing with. I know I will be saying in the summer it is TOO hot, and it will only be like 90! lol.


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