Monday, May 27, 2013

A Paw Story

Today I called my 84 yr old Paw & we were talking about grilling out. I told him we were going to grill hamburgers, then he proceeds to tell me about the BEST hamburgers he has ever eaten. He says "It's some place down here in Bibb County. They have the best hamburgers I have ever eaten. I get the bacon cheeseburger. And they have the best french fried potaters too!" He goes on & on about these incredible burgers. I needed to know where they come from! He said he didn't know the name. But he continues to talk about those BEST hamburgers he has ever eaten. I'm thinking it must be some "hole in the wall" joint, because in my mind those are the places with the BEST hamburgers I have ever eaten. He finally yells for someone in the room to tell him the name of the place, he gets back on the phone & says "That place is called Wendy's!" Hahahahahahaha!!!!!

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