Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Eve

We went over to Leland's for a bit that afternoon.

 I'm so jealous of this massive 'White Christmas" poster.
 Murphy loved his "cookie bow."
 Murphy with his new toy.....
 ....Seconds later....Poor Animal!
 Leland & his woman. He <3 her="her" much="much" p="p" s="s" so="so">

 I painted this for him.
 And I painted Murphy, for Glenda. :)
 Leland told me to act all emotional for this picture. I didn't have to act much, because I lost it when Glenda handed me this gift. If you know anything about old Hollywood, you know who Edith Head is. She was a costume designer, who designed some of the most iconic costumes & for some of the most famous stars. Including the red dresses in "White Christmas" & this sketch is for Lucille Ball!
 D's Superman socks complete with capes!
 Murphy was plumb tuckered out.
 Twins! Leland said "You make me look tan." To which I replied Ï make everyone looks tan. It's a gift."

 Vintage mistletoe
Glenda kissing one of her favorite fellas. ;)

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