Sunday, August 05, 2012

Celebrating Granny's 80th Birthday

Saturday afternoon I was getting ready to go to a Girl's Night Out. I had had a rough week & my friends were making me get out (So thankful for friends like that). Mom called & said she was inviting me to go to a birthday party. I asked her "Whose party?" She said "Your Granny's!" Mom & Renee had decided last minute that we would go bowling to celebrate Granny's birthday. Bowling was Granny's favorite thing, so what better way than to do something she loved to honor her?
I hated to cancel the girls night, but I had to celebrate my Granny with the Fat Katz!

Mom, Diane, Renee, Laurie, Bonnie & I met up at the bowling alley. And we had so much fun! We laughed & just had a grand time. Granny would have been proud. Maybe not of our bowling skills though. Haha!

Renee wore Granny's bowling shoes. And we bowled with Granny's ball. It made it extra special.

I always have to have a photo of Diane eating, for some reason. Ha!

After we left the bowling alley, us minus Bonnie went to Sonic. We laughed & talked into late into the night. We decided that this will now be a tradition. Even if it took us 20 years to figure it out. ;)


  1. What a blast!!! Mama taught us many things, but bowling wasn't one of them!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! If there were only 9 pins to knock down instead of 10, each of us would have had a better game, except Vickie!!! Can't wait til we do this again!!!

    1. So true! Hahahahaha!!!! I can't wait either! Good times & great memories!


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