Friday, July 06, 2012

Our July 4th

We spent the day together, which was super nice. We ate a late lunch/early supper. I made T-bone steaks, macaroni salad & baked beans. Yum!

 Patriotic Pup
This is the photo I used for the photo challenge on facebook...Week #7 Red, White & Blue


I have not been to "Thunder on the Mountain" in years to watch the fireworks & since I hadn't seen any yet this year, I really wanted to go to Birmingham to watch them. We weren't exactly sure were we would end up, we just drove. Being turned away from one parking lot, ended up being a blessing since we stumbled upon the "perfect" spot for the show. Don't anyone ask me where either. It's our little secret. I don't want everyone going there now. ;) I shouldn't have posted anything on facebook, because people kept asking me. I didn't tell though.

My handsome hubs.
Waiting on the fireworks with the goofy boy.

It was so delightful out. Something this chick who hates the Summer & the heat never says in July! But I didn't even break out a sweat. You know then it was quite pleasant.

Can you see Vulcan? He's the tiny lit up fella to the right of the 2 red towers.
The only somewhat decent photo I got of the fireworks. It's time for a newfangled camera....SOON! We were much closer than this, the camera makes it look like we were forever away. Not true though.

The drive was so sweet, with D driving & me singing worship songs the entire time under a very full moon. I adore nights driving in the car like that. God is good & God bless America.

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