Thursday, July 05, 2012

More On The Coyote

Refer to the other coyote story to get caught up.

Since the first 2 terrifying coyote incidents, I have done some research on what to do to "try" and keep them away. One of those things is to be loud. It's supposed to scare them.  So, Tuesday night every time I went outside I would go out the door being loud. I would make a bunch of noise, as I shined the spot light into the darkness of the mountain. Now that I am taking each dog out separately, instead of my normal all 3 at once, I spend a more time outside. Which right now, is NOT fun. I walk right next to which ever doggie while they potty & we come right back in the house. On this night I had been out a few times & I was ready for bed, so I thought I would opt out of taking them all outside one last time. But Rocco ran to the back door. I felt in my gut I shouldn't go out there, but what can you do when Bitty Buddy needs to do his business? I grabbed my spot light & my trusty BB pistol thingy & went loudly out the door with Rocco. When we first walked out, Rocco was apprehensive about going in the yard, but I made him. A small portion of our backyard & side yard is fenced in, but the side yard has no light. The side yard is also fenced in with a privacy fence, while the part of the fenced in back yard that backs up the mountain is fenced in with a 6ft wire type fencing. The 6 ft fence is almost level with the mountain, with maybe a 2ft separation. So back to my story....I followed right behind Rocco as he made his way to the side yard. I stood at the corner of the house, constantly shining the spotlight on the mountain as I talked loudly to Rocco. Rocco was done & he ran around me straight onto the porch, about 10 feet in distance. As he was making his way to the porch I heard "it" on the mountain...I looked up & the coyote was coming right for us. It all happened so fast, but I started yelling at it to "get out of here", I shot at it (which I didn't remember until later), grabbed Rocco  & put him in the house. The coyote was SO FAST & he never stopped. When I yelled he was almost to the fence, but sorta veered off the right & headed passed our car, towards our neighbors house. If I had not yelled when I did and at the speed this coyote was traveling, he could have jumped the fence. I think he was watching us & when Rocco ran to the porch, he went in for the kill. I ran woke D up, because I was freaking out so bad. This coyote would have gotten Rocco, no doubt, if not for the fence & me yelling. I was so scared, I wouldn't go back outside the rest of the night. But I couldn't go to sleep for hours afterwards.

Last night D got to stay up later, so we took the furbabies outside together, but I was way too scared to go out there alone. So I acted like I was going to bed to trick the furbabies, that way they wouldn't have to go out again.

Today we added 2 more feet of chicken wire to the back part of the fence. It ain't purty, but I don't care at this point. Then we added some clear Christmas lights around the fence in the side yard. It does look cute! And many people have those sorta lights in the yards & around porches. It has really helped with lighting that side yard until, we can get better lighting.

I honestly would love to kill this coyote. But the problem with that is, if he goes off & dies, we would have to find & dispose of the body so it doesn't draw in more animals.

This coyote is all I can think about right now & I ready for him to be gone.

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