Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Latest & Hopefully The Last Of The Coyote

Friday I took the doggies outside into the backyard around 1:30. I was thinking it being daylight I would have no issues with the coyote & I could take all 3 outside at once. We were outside for a few good minutes, when all of a sudden I heard the rustle of the leaves way up on the mountain. I looked up & here comes the coyote! In broad daylight! He wasn't running, but he wasn't leisurely walking either. Since it was daylight, I wasn't really scared, so I started shooting him with the BB gun & yelled for him to "get out of here!" He took off running back up the mountain. The thing is, every time he's charged the doggies, he hasn't seen me, until I start yelling. People keep saying they are scared of people & I do believe that. I've always been on the covered porch or in the shadows. He has run away every time I yelled. Once D got home, he called the police & told them again what was going on & that this was the 4th time it's happened. It wasn't long & they sent out deputy. He gave us permission to shoot it.

Thankfully we have NOT seen or heard from it again since then. But we never go outside with the doggies, without a gun. And I have changed up my nightly outside visits. Now D will take the doggies out, before he leaves for work. Stupid coyote messed things up. I have always enjoyed my outside time in the wee hours of the morning. But hopefully he has ventured to some far off land & no more of his kind are ever to return.

D & I had taken the doggies outside on Sunday night, I think it was & we heard something on the mountain. D had the spot light & called me over. We saw 5 foxes, maybe 20 feet up the mountain. Craziness. We have never seen this much wildlife up here before.

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