Monday, May 14, 2012

Our 12th Anniversary

D had to work, so Mom & I went yard salin'. We had so much fun & laughed ourselves silly. She almost killed me with her driving. I think I have whiplash.We took a break for lunch & tried a place called LA Burrito, that I've heard some of my LA friends rave about. It was delicious! We got our food & went to park. I LOVE doing that! One of my most favorite things in life. I didn't buy anything. I like "old people" yard sales, not "new people" yard sales. I need to go to the older parts of town for the things I think are treasures. We ended up at the thrift store & I got D 2 shirts & a tie. One of the shirts I got for $3, still had the tag on it. 

D & I had plans to go out early evening, he was called in to his other job, so our plans were changed up somewhat. He got home, changed real quick & we were on our way. 

Here are our official anniversary photos...
 D always says he doesn't realize just how tall he is, until he sees a photo of us together.

We went to Genghis Grill. And WOW! We loved it. It was so much like Fire & Ice (which we really enjoyed), but that place closed down. It's a must place to eat for sure!

After we ate, we went over to Hobby Lobby, but we had to rush, since they were closing soon. I just needed a few more canvases while they were on sale. We went to the mall, so I could get some new Yellowbox flip flops & then to Target for D to get a few movies. We got home & crashed. It was a sweet celebration. I am richly blessed.

These are what we wrote about each other on facebook. I wanted to save them on my blog, so I always have them.
D posted......"on this wonderful day 12yrs ago I had the honor and privilege of being married to one of the most special, charming, kind, understanding, caring beautiful friend. She is my everything and wouldn't be able to survive without her. Thank you for the best 12yrs of my life, looking forward to many more. Happy anniversary Crystal. I love you."

I posted..."Some thought when we got married after knowing each other only 5 months, that we wouldn't last & that we had frankly lost our minds. 12 years later.....We are steadfast. I love you more today than I thought possible. Experiencing life would not be the same if you were not by my side. I had no clue how great a gift the Lord was giving me on Dec. 5th 1999, when we shook hands & felt that spark. My world would never be the same. I love you my silent warrior, my goofy husband, my Honey D. Happy #12 my love!"


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