Sunday, April 29, 2012

Power Tools, Games & Laughter

Saturday night, D & Mom went on a "date" to see "The Hunger Games." Not my kinda movie & I have zero interest in it, so it was just dandy with me. I got to hang out with my girly friends anyhow. Haha! Wendi wanted to do a craft, but it didn't get completed. That's her using the drill, which took forever to find the bit for. That's the only picture I got by the way, since I was warned " No pictures." But I snuck one in anyway. We had a blast sitting out on the porch chatting, playing games....Mad Gab, which I am awful at, but managed to win some how, Uno & some "Toss the Pig" game. Then Wendi & I watched as Stacey won "war" & broke Mason's (Wendi's son) winning streak. We laughed so hard all night....It was a blast!

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