Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Fun!

Saturday evening we went over & dyed eggs with Mom. I didn't dye eggs last year, so it was extra fun!

Auzzie had to help.

 I dyed Mom's hair too.

 D's a cracked egg.
 Tweety Bird's Granny.....Um, I mean....Mom/

 D & Crystal eggs painted by Moi!
Danny & Mom eggs painted by Mom. You can't see it, but Danny's egg is plaid. Ha!

 Sunday morning at church with Stacey & Riley. Riley was tired. :(
 This one makes me laugh. because you can't see Stacey over Riley's bow. Haha!

After church we hung out at Mom's. We had originally planned to not cook & just go out out eat. Then Mom changed her mind at the last minute & she cooked all day on Saturday. We had the usual ham & potato salad fare. After we stuffed our tummy's, we played dominoes & just had a calm, peaceful day.

 Mom was making fun of Danny. :)

 Playing dominoes! 
This game didn't have a winner, because we ran out of dominoes! But I did win 3 out of 5 games. 

We had a very blessed Easter. I hope you did too! How did you spend your Easter?

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  1. So much fun just with eggs...absolutely fantastic I must say :D


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