Thursday, April 26, 2012

D's 36th Birthday

We went out for supper to celebrate. I had given him tons of suggestions in places to go. I thought he had settled on Jim N Nick's. Well, at the last minute he changed his mind to Golden Corral. Why? I have no earthly idea. I am not a fan of that place & haven't been there in years, but since it was D's birthday I didn't say anything. It was awful! Why do people eat there? D didn't like it much either. I don't like to eat somewhere & not have a good experience, because then I feel like it was wasted money.  We had hoped Mom & Danny would go out with us, but they had to usher at church tonight for District Counsel. We would have for sure eaten at Cracker Barrel, if they were able to come with us. Hahaha!  
We came home, watched Survivor, I sang "Happy Birthday" & we ate "brownie" cake & ice cream on the back porch. 

 I found glitter icing! And it made me very happy! There are 36 candles on his cake!
 That's a lot of smoke!
 He forgot a candle.

D & Razzy doing "The Razzy".

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