Wednesday, March 28, 2012

No News Is Still Good News

Remember last year when I "banned the news"? Well, it's still banned around here. I can't believe I have gone a whole year without watching the news, but I have actually done it. I can honestly say I have not missed it one bit. After the tornadoes hit Alabama in April, I did watch the news that only pertained to that. A while back D & I were watching an episode of SVU & D commented on how he knew the story they used. Because the show's storylines are ripped from the headlines. I had no clue what news story it was from. D says it's still odd that I am not aware of every detail of every news story. Just because I am not watching the news it doesn't mean that I don't see things online & if I choose to read deeper I will. But I don't have the constant barrage of words causing chaos in my mind. And I will say this....It is well with my soul that I turned that noise off.

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