Thursday, March 22, 2012

Every Life Is Beautiful

You may remember when D & I went to see the movie "October Baby" when it was running during it's preview back in March. Well, it's finally being released nationwide on Friday & everyone can go see it!

Here is Dan, on old friend & one of the producers of the film sharing his own story.....

No matter how great or how small...The triumphs, tribulations or tragedies.....Every life is beautiful, indeed. 

So....Please go see October Baby! You will not regret it. I promise.


  1. Oh man, I remember stumbling upon Maria's blog and reading Josiah's story. As soon as I read the last name of your friend in the video, I was wondering if that was Josiah's dad. So many tears and so much joy! I would love to see October Baby..

  2. Sarah, if it doesn't open in Canada, I'll send you a copy when it comes out on DVD.


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