Tuesday, March 06, 2012

20 Years....Granny...You've Been Gone

20 years. How is that humanly possible? I can't quite wrap my brain around the number of years since I've heard you laugh, smelled your sweet scent of Ciara perfume mixed with cigarette smoke or felt your arms around me as you said hugged me "goodbye." It doesn't seem fair that you had to leave this earth & my life as soon as you did. I was 15 years old on that day, I jumped from the moving car & came running down the driveway to see for myself that you were really gone. I thought I was so grown up. I was just a baby in reality. So much of my life you have missed out on. So many things I wish I had known to ask you. So many things about your life that I wish I could have been privy to. You were one remarkable woman. I know you didn't feel that way, but you were. You endured so much in your 59 years on this earth. You were not perfect...You were perfectly flawed. And how beautiful that is. How beautiful you were. You were a tomboy most days, but when you got gussied up....You got gussied up! Hot pink lipstick, stiletto heels, with a matching clutch & don't forget your mink stole. I always loved to sit on the edge of your bed & watch you get ready to go somewhere. I miss those days. I miss you. Gosh, Granny I miss you. I still cry from that hole that was left in my heart when you passed away. I'm crying now as I type this. It makes my heart hurt. I often wonder what you would be doing now if you had lived. How differently things would have turned out. Sometimes I think you will just show up one day & things will be the way they should be. And all will be right in the world. I want for you to go shopping with the Fat Kats. To watch I Love Lucy with me again. To sit up until 4am playing Skip-bo. And you would have loved seeing Auburn win the National Championship. I know we would all get together to watch the games. I want to paint your long fingernails with my glitter polish....I know you would have loved that too! But I also know that is just wishful thinking. Granny.....You were loved so much more than you ever knew while you were here. And you are desperately loved now. And missed more than you could have ever dreamed. When I get to Heaven I know you are going to tell me all about the adventures you have been having all of this time. And then you will tell me about them again. And I'll have to listen to you tell someone else about them. Hahaha! And I won't mind one bit. I'll just take it all in. Then maybe we can play a few games & laugh a whole bunch. Love you, Granny....Miss you more than ever. 20 years have passed & not one day of them have you been forgotten. Your name is written on my heart & there it will remain forever......

This photo is 31 years old, I was 4. We had it taken before Easter, because that's my Easter dress. This photo is one of my greatest treasures.
This makes me laugh, because it captures Granny perfectly!
This is at Mom & Danny's wedding.

If you want to check out some memories I post of her in 2006...You can go HERE.

And I challenge those who are reading to leave a memory of your grandmother. It would mean alot if you did. :) And if you are in my family....Please share a memory of Granny. I would love to hear them. Thanks bunches.


  1. Crystal, I can always count on a sweet tribute to Mama on this day every year, and I look forward to it. Thank you. I miss her more and more as the years go by. As I live my life and experience the joys and challenges it brings, I relate to her on a deeper level. I have SO many memories of her! She loved life. She loved her family. She loved her friends. She loved bowling. She loved celebrating the holidays, and no one did them like she did! Mama, I miss you more and more as the years go by. I can hardly wait to be with you again. I know you have spoiled the girls, and I wouldn't expect anything less. We will all join y'all....in a little while.

  2. I remember staying w/Granny & Paw one time and wanted to go swimming, but didn't have a swimsuit with me. Granny pinned up some brown polyester shorts of hers to fit me (looked like I was wearing big brown bloomers). And she gave me a yellow t-shirt to wear. I was prob 5 or 6, but still remember it vividly.
    And I remember eating fried chicken livers from KFC with her (that's the only time i've ever eaten them)...

  3. My gran died only 3 years ago, but I lost her more like 15 years earlier to Alzheimer's. She had no clue who I was when I got married and refused to come to my wedding. She was atough little lady - barely making 5'. She was the only girl with 8 brothers. She never got past 6th grade because she had to stay home with her mom to care for the boys. She worked as a nanny as a teenager for a "rich Jewish family" as she would say until she married my granddad. Then she worked for Motorola on the assembly line checking circuit boards. She raised 2 daughters. Shetaught me to can, cook and bake. As a kid she had me roillthe dough for her cookies because she said I made them nice and even. When we went out to eat she would smack her mouth with every forkful and try to figure out the spices in the dish - and she ALWAYS wanted to take the silverware!!! lol. I think 50% of my clothes were knit or chrocheted by her when I was really small. And once she gave me a HORRIBLE perm when Istayed at her house - mom was NOT Happy! She never llearned how to ride a bike or drive a car.

  4. So many memories...Friday nights at the bowling alley, playing sick at school because I knew she would come get me, weenie roast in the back yard, Easter egg hunts, playing cards til I couldn't keep my eyes open, sleeping in between her and Paw in that big ol' bed and rubbing her silk pj's til I fell asleep, knowing she always had something good to eat when I went for a visit, fishing for hours on the pier in Livingston, she was just sooo much FUN and made everything fun! Oh how I wish J.R., Ashtyn & Alyssa could have known her. I can vision she and J.R. sitting and talking for hours. Not to mention the heck she would give him over Alabama football!
    On this day 9 years ago, 11 years after her passing, my twin girl babies joined her in heaven. It makes me smile to think she is holding them in her arms!!! I LOVE you Granny!


  5. Thank y'all so much for taking the time to share your memories!


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