Sunday, February 05, 2012

Scentsy Party

 Saturday Stacey & I hosted a Scentsy party at her house.
I made some Easy Cheesy Hot Bean Dip. It's another one of my pinterest finds & was a huge hit! I made mine with refried beans.

Here are some pictures from the fun evening.....

Mom...."Can I use a coupon?"

 Susan & Marissa
 Who has my lipstick?
 Stacey & Chris
 Gosh.....I make Mom look really small in this pic. Them durn boobs, they always overtake the photo. :/
 Riley the little ham.
 Let's dance!

 She cracks me up!

 We couldn't help having to get our photo taken with this "cheesin'" cutie!

After everyone left we had to make a trip to Walmart. Wendi is in love with nailpolish almost as much as I am. I said "almost" she's not completely obsessed as I am. :)

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  1. That Riley is a doll!!! She makes me smile!!! I hate I missed your party! I was getting my house ready for my Life Group. We had a "Big Game" party at our house Sunday evening (can't say "Super Bowl" party cause the superbowlpartypolice might get me....heehee). Is Vickie losing weight? Those are great pics of her!!!


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