Saturday, February 04, 2012

Donna's Wreath Project

My cousin Donna wrote this blog post. Her husband is an active duty Marine......

Karl had some old cammies he wanted me to throw away, but I kept them knowing something could be made from them. They have been through Bootcamp, to Iraq and Afghanistan, were faded and bloodstained. Soooo...I saw someone selling these wreaths on and thought, I can totally make that (like I do with most anything I see but never get around to making). 
I now knew the reason I'd kept those cammies....
So...I got to work, cutting and tying...over and over. It took 2 pair of pants and one blouse to make it. It took me hours to make, which I spanned out over a few days... 
So, here's how it went:

 Here I tied on my bow and 'M' that I also painted. Had to tuck the ends of the ribbon into the wreath, otherwise it covered the M.

Thanks Donna blogging your creation!

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